How to Create Your Future

Are you aware that you create your life? So many of us tend to blame others - our parents, spouses, coworkers, former friends - or blame our past, an event or circumstance for our present undesirable situation. What is the result of behaving like a victim? You are giving up your power to someone else and pretending that you are not responsible for the consequences.

It is true that bad things happen to good people. We cannot control the actions of others or the events that result. But we can choose how we respond to whatever we experience. If you would like to be in charge of your present and future, you can start now to envision life as you would like it. Here are 7 steps, which can be greatly empowered by hypnosis:

1. Create a vision of what you want, an objective or goal to manifest
2. Give yourself permission to feel desire, excitement and enthusiasm about it
3. Believe that it is possible
4. Accept that you deserve it
5. Repeatedly focus on the vision, feel the excitement and imagine it happening
6. Behave as if it exists in the present
7. Let go of expectations and allow it to manifest in alignment with All That Is